School Resource Officer 

What is the SRO Program? It is a partnership between the Florence Police Department and Fremont RE-2 School District. 
What does an SRO do? The SRO works closely with the school teachers, principals, and counselors to provide a safe learning environment, law-related education, and the expertise of a trained law enforcement officer on school grounds.

What types of functions does the SRO provide? 

  • A visible, active Officer present on school grounds to deal with law-related issues. EX: Bullying, fighting, property destruction, child safety
  • A member of the school team working hand in hand to solve problems in the school community.
  • A resource for the students enabling them to be associated with positive law enforcement figure in the students’ environment.
  • As a resource for teachers, parents, and students for law related concerns and questions.
  • As a counseling resource in areas which may affect the educational environment and may be law related.

Common Roles of SRO

  • Provide a program of educational leadership to the students, parents, and faculty addressing tobacco, alcohol, and other drug issues, gang activity, violence diffusion, violence prevention, crime prevention, and safety issues in the school community.
  • Act as a communication liaison with law enforcement agencies; provide basic information concerning students served by the officer.
  • Gather information regarding potential problems in school to include individuals who may be a disruptive influence to the school and or students.
  • Take steps appropriate and consistent with a law enforcement officer’s duty when a crime occurs.
  • Refer students and their families to the appropriate agencies for assistance when a need is determined.
  • Be available for conferences with students, parents and faculty members to assist with problems related to law enforcement and crime prevention.
  • Confer with schools to develop strategies to prevent or minimize dangerous situations near or on school grounds.
  • Promote citizens awareness of law enforcement efforts on campus to ensure the peaceful operation of school related programs and build support with the students.
  • Attend school functions or extract curricular school events.
  •  Abide by school board policies and consult with and coordinate activities through the school principal.


            To bridge the gap of communication with law enforcement, school administration and the families that attend our great schools. To create and re-enforce an environment that allows the children in our great community to feel comfortable and safe in the presence of Law Enforcement, and last but not least use every opportunity possible to create a teachable moment that will have a lasting effect on our kiddos as they are our future. 


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