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Florence, Colorado... "A Great Little Town!"

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Public Notice: City of Florence Committee Vacancies


The City of Florence is soliciting letters of interest from citizens who may be interested in filling a committee vacancy. To be eligible for appointment, you must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the corporate limits of Florence. Term lengths will be discussed upon appointment. The vacancy will stay open until filled.

Cemetery Committee (1)

Board of Zoning Adjustment (1)

Tree Board (2)

Letters of interest should be submitted to the Mayor of the City of Florence, 600 West 3rd Street, Florence, CO 81226, or by email to

Code Enforcement: Did you know?


In addition to their yards, the cleanliness and weed maintenance of the parkings after alleyway and the tree lawn (space between the sidewalk and curb in the front/side yard) is the responsibility of the homeowner. Please keep these areas clean and clear of weeds, leaves, trash, and debris.

Code Enforcement

Sidewalks must remain clear of obstruction, including but not limited to snow, ice, mud, dirt, trash, stone, coal, firewood, boxes, barrels, crates, tables, and vehicles. The occupant of the adjacent property is responsible to maintain these areas.

There are restrictions on where property owners may place sheds or accessory structures on their property. Please contact the Planning Department if you are unsure whether you are following the setback requirements for your zone district.

There are a maximum of three (3) dogs allowed on each property in the City of Florence, and each dog must be licensed. See our Dog License page for more information.

Short-term rentals are permitted uses only in three zone districts in the City of Florence, and City Businesses Licenses are required. . Click here for more information from the Florence Municipal Code. Those zone districts are the Central Business (CB), General Commercial (C), and by special use approval in the Central Historic Business zone districts (CHB).