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Constant Contact is a platform the City of Florence will be utilizing to help us to better communicate via email (and occasionally text messages) with residents and other stakeholders who sign up for this service.

As part of the City’s continuous improvement efforts, we have determined that we need to expand our communications beyond the City’s website and occasional social media use. By allowing residents and others to opt into receiving emails and messages in specific categories that relate to their interests and concerns, the City hopes to better disseminate information to more individuals, including those who do not have or utilize social media.

** Be sure to send your completed form to

Having trouble saving and sending? No problem! Simply send an email to listing the categories you would like to receive notifications for and we will add you to our contact lists. Alternatively, you can (1) print off the form and return it to City Hall, or (2) send a screenshot of your completed form to the email above.

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Florence City Hall
600 West 3rd Street
Florence, Colorado 81226

Call: (719) 784-4848
Fax: (719) 784-0228

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Building Inspector - Richard Thomasrichard.thomas@florencecolorado.org8
City Manager - Amy Nastaamy.nasta@florencecolorado.org3
City Clerk- Cortlyne Huppecortlyne.huppe@florencecolorado.org5
Court Clerk - Lynn Raelynn.rae@florencecolorado.org1
Finance Officer - Lori Coblerlori.cobler@florencecolorado.org4
Planning Director - Ashley
Public Works Director - Sam ElstunPlease call City Hall to leave a message for Sam.0
Utility Billing Clerk - Quiana Hessquiana.hess@pd.florencecolorado.org0
Police Admin - Nancy Barthnancy.barth@pd.florencecolorado.org1
Water Department Superintendent - Brandon Harrisbrandon.harris@florencecolorado.org0