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Water Billing

For any questions or concerns regarding your water bill, please contact the Utility Billing Clerk.

Utility Billing Clerk - Quiana Hess

Service Availability Fee Ordinance

Schedule for Water Billing for the City of Florence

First working day of the month, water bills are mailed out Payment is due by the last working day of the month.
Around the 15th-16th of each month, shutoff notices are mailed out To avoid interruption in water service, a payment of at least half of the balance due must be made by the end of the current month.
Around the first business day of the month, door hangers for shutoffs are sent out. To avoid interruption in water service, full payment must be made before the day of shutoff. Doorhanger will have a shutoff date.
Physical shutoff of water service To avoid interruption in water service, full payment must be made before the day fo the shutoff. To turn water back on, there is a fee of $10.00. Physical shutoff is never done on Fridays.

Why am I paying a debt payment on my water bill?

Debt Retirement, also called the Debt Payment, is the cost of past improvements to Florence's water treatment and ongoing water distribution projects as needed to comply with all state-mandated regulations. The charge is monthly and applies to every metered water use supplied by the City of Florence. 


How to Make a Payment:
  • Click here to pay online
  • Drop off a check at our drive-thru drop box or the drop box near the front door.
  • Pay at the front desk during City Hall operating hours:
    • Credit Card
    • Cash
    • Check


For questions about water bills, water quality issues, or infrastructure problems please call City Hall at (719) 784-4848.

For specific questions about water treatment facilities and distribution please contact the Florence Water Treatment Facility at (719) 784-0618.

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