City Council

City of Florence Seal

Florence City Council is composed of seven City Council members, including two from each of the three different wards, and one at-large position, the Mayor. 

City Council meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 6:30PM in City Council Chambers. In the event of a Monday holiday, the City Council meeting will be held on the following Tuesday.

City Clerk - Jessica Hill

City Manager - To be determined

  • (719) 784-4848 Ext 222

The City Manager is hired by and works directly for City Council and oversees all the daily operations of the City of Florence.


Mayor Dick Upton

Mayor Paul Villagrana

Term Expires November 2023

(719) 250-2035


Ward 1 - Councilwoman Kristal Wood

Councilwoman Kristal Wood - Ward 1

Councilwoman Kristal Wood

Term Expires November 2023

(719) 250-1519


Ward 1 - Councilman Anthony Esquibel

Councilman Anthony Esquibel - Ward 1

Councilman Anthony Esquibel

Term Expires November 2025

(719) 250-2178

Ward 2 - Councilman Brian Allen

Councilman Brian Allen - Ward 2

Councilman Brian Allen

Term Expires November 2023

(719) 371-1101

Ward 1 - Councilwoman Melissa Hardy

Councilwoman Melissa Hardy

Term Expires November 2025

(719) 429-0553

Ward 3 - Councilman Mike Vendetti

Councilman Mike Vendetti - Ward 3

Councilman Mike Vendetti

Term Expires November 2023

(719) 429-6856

I am currently enjoying my fourth career as the owner of Audio Books by Mike Vendetti. I narrate and publish audiobooks from my home studio at 501 W Main in Florence. I have over 1300 audiobook titles for sale on, an company. Prior to moving to Florence, I was the owner and chief auctioneer at a rather successful auction company in San Jose, CA. I went into the auction business after a career as a sales engineer in Silicon Valley and was fortunate to be a part of the growth of the personal computer industry. Prior to the Silicon Valley, I served a bit over six years in the US Army, enlisting in 1962 after 2 years at the University of Minnesota. I graduated from Officers Candidate School in 1964 and was a platoon leader with the 1st Infantry Div in October 1965 when I encountered an antipersonnel device that necessitated the amputation of my right leg below the knee at Walter Reed. I was able to get a waiver to return to active duty and retired for disability as a Captain in 1968.

My wife Mollie and I have lived in our home at 501 W Main since 2010, but my Florence roots are deep. My father was born in Williamsburg, and we lived on the family farm in Brewster briefly after WWII.

As your representative, I want to hear from you, and the best way to do that is to send me an email. This is a link to contact me via my website  My phone is 719-429-6856. I like to talk, but for best results, please send an email.

Ward 3 - Councilman Allen Knisley

Councilman Allen Knisley - Ward 3

Councilman Allen Knisley

Term Expires November 2025

(719) 371-0105