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Code Enforcement

The City of Florence is actively working to keep our city clean and safe. Code Enforcement works towards enforcing municipal ordinances and codes regarding any and all property within the city's limits. The goal of Code Enforcement remains not to cite, or fine property owners in violation, but to work with the property’s owner to bring them into compliance. Our Code Enforcement strives to work with the community and help ensure progress is made.

We appreciate your help in keeping Florence clean and safe for all to enjoy!



Code Enforcement - Matt Valdez


The City of Florence is very active in keeping our city clean and safe for all to enjoy.  Code enforcement is responsible for enforcing municipal ordinances and codes regarding city-owned and private property within the city limits. 


The process for enforcing the code violations include:

· The initial complaint (from a citizen or observed by officer)

· A letter advising the owner of the violation, allowing a minimum of 5 days (Per Florence Municipal Code) to comply

· A second and FINAL notice sent allowing a minimum of 5 additional days

· The Code Enforcement Officer will determine the necessary steps to bring the property where the violation took place into compliance. Such as:

· The city will bid the clean up to an outside contractor.


· The property owner will be issued a Summons/ Citation (fines or fees included) for the violation. A Municipal court date will be provided for the defendant.

The City of Florence has local volunteers, groups and charity organizations that are willing to assist in cleanup for the handicapped, elderly, etc.

            To report a code violation, contact Matt Valdez at 719-784-3411 option 0, or email him at